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This scent has depths. A story. Like you.

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This scent has depths. A story. Like you.

This collaboration between Spruce & Wild Coast Perfumery is our representation of a love affair ending, while still celebrating the beauty of the time offered. The thought bubble for this scent stemmed from an evening romance, and became the poem first to inspire Wild Coast Perfumery. With a few back and forth visits and slight tweaks, Laurie created this essence seemingly effortlessly. Following the story, the poem, and the product, we then needed a still photo capture. 
What an artistic journey, involving so many. 

When winter turns to spring.

SpruceBabe Eau De Parfum; 
Forest // Chypre // Coniferous
Wild orange, cedar leaf, fir balsam, grand fir, blooming jasmine, tree moss, amber.


On the edge of the woods

I met you there—

Anticipating the warmth of your hands as I felt a mild chill on my skin

My heart beat seeing your eyes so visibly striking under just the light of dusk

You kissed my body, then kissed my mouth and I laughed— 

breaking the universal quiet to live in the sound of us

I could taste me on your lips

The slight mist of midnight offered a bouquet of wild

That magical essence of winter turning to spring

And I knew, as the seasons changed

So would we

But I could hold you here, in this perfume

On me


This scent has depths. A story. Like you.

Created with 100% natural ingredients composed of oils and resins in beautiful Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island.

15ml glass spray bottle.


Poetry By Andria Paulo

Photograph By Landon Copplestone with model Selena Schmieger

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