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Dry Body Brush


Dry Body Brush


Zero waste, responsibly made dry skin brush.

What is dry skin brushing?

Dry skin brushing is the action of rolling the brush over your bare skin in a circular motion starting furthest away from your heart space and working towards it.
Example: Starting and your fingertips and working towards your chest.

Dry skin brushing is an incredible self love tool and ritual that will aid in dead skin cell removal and increase cell repair turnover. Dry skin brushing has also been known to help reduce cellulite by increasing blood circulation and promoting collagen and elasticity  production when practiced regularly. Further, regular dry skin brushing can also aid in tightening and toning excess or loose skin.

Finally, on an energetic level, spending this naked and intimate time with yourself before your bath or shower, moving from your extremities towards your heart, you are likely to stimulate the heart chakra and experience a deep centred feeling of self knowing, self love, and self awareness over time.

Best used 1-2 times per week before bathing- or when ever you feel you need a self boost <3

I have personally used dry skin brushing as treatment or ritual for many of the benefits listed above for over 7 or so years and am pleased to now be offering this ritual to you.