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Cleansing Globe

Lure Hair Care

Cleansing Globe


One For All is a cleanser and conditioner in 1 bar. 

Each package contains not one but two bars. This product is essentially a hair cleansing cream in solid form. It provides a gentle, nourishing cleansing for your hair. 

Using a cleansing cream or bar helps to keep colours longer. 

This bar is also great for cleansing beards, shaving your legs and armpits, and for people with dry skin (body/scalp) as it’s so gentle and moisturizing. 

Perfect cleansing option for camping with its low impact and light weight- we also suggest packing the cedar scented dry shampoo/volumizer for easy hair maintenance between washing.

There are no saponified oils which are in traditional soap, and has a lower ph balance making it ideal for hair specifically.

Lasts longer than it looks, depending on the density and length of hair, and how often you wash you could expect 30 to 45 washes. 

When the bars get small keep them and mold together with new bars so none gets wasted!

Handmade in Victoria BC.

Compostable packaging!