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Eau De Parfum
Eau De Parfum
Eau De Parfum
Eau De Parfum

Wild Coast Perfumery

Eau De Parfum


Limited quantities <3

This collaboration between Spruce & Wild Coast Perfumery, is our representation of the season changing from winter to spring. Celebrating the beauty of the time offered, while gracefully moving into the next. The thought bubble for this scent stemmed from a love affair, a beautiful hike, and a poem.

With a few back and forth visits, slight tweaks and time to distill, Laurie of Wild Coast Perfumery created this essence seemingly effortlessly. 

Featuring local and a few exotic ingredients.

When winter turns to spring.

SpruceBabe Eau De Parfum; 
Forest // Chypre // Coniferous
Wild orange, cedar leaf, fir balsam, grand fir, blooming jasmine, tree moss, amber.

This scent has depths. A story. Like you.

Created with 100% natural ingredients composed of oils and resins in beautiful Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island.

15ml glass spray bottle.