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Honey Tobacco Mist


Honey Tobacco Mist


For those who love the scent but want the versatility to use for body, hair or to quickly scent a room.

Honey Tobacco is a non-toxic fragrance. Handmade in Canada, sourced with high-quality, vegan ingredients free of parabens, phthalates, and synthetic musks.

Smells like:

  • Cozy, alluring, sensual, and unique.
  • To be more literal, it smells like a blend of honey, deep vanilla, and men’s cologne.
  • This will evolve with you through the day, working with your natural oils to shift into a truly unique expression that becomes deeply personal.
  • Available in light (sand) or dark (slate) labels. The same scent, choose your aesthetic.

Scent Strength: 3/5


Filtered water, Honey Tobacco Fragrance*, Polysorbate 20 ( emulsifier) 


50 ml glass bottle = Travel-Friendly