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How to do the work

Dr. Nicole Lepera

How to do the work


Many of us get up and go to work, as if expected and without much thought— This book explores and encourages us to get up and work on ourselves.

I’ve always been fairly curious of self exploration, habits and patters, but after wild year featuring a global pandemic, it seemed like a lot of my good for me tools got pushed to the side as we dove into survival mode.

This book coming into my life nudged a series of events that encouraged me to wake up, get present, and get back to doing the damn work. For me.

Exploring childhood conditioning, how to recognize your deep patterns or (or new pandemic patterns), and how to commit to small, sustainable shifts and actions that cumulatively lead to lasting change and living a life on purpose.

Suitable for all walks of life, we have received much positive feedback from those who have explored this book.

Written by holistic psychologist Dr. Nicole Lepera