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How to do the work

Dr. Nicole Lepera

How to do the work


Many of us get up and go to work, as if expected and without much thought— This book explores and encourages us to get up and work on ourselves.

The thing about a year long pandemic is that is a significant amount of time to solidify new unconscious patterns that we may or may not even be aware of. For me, all I knew is I just haven’t quite felt like myself lately. This book came into my life quite organically, as almost all good things do, followed by two solidifying “coincidences” that pointed to us bringing it in. I’ll admit I haven’t even come close to finishing it, but ill also mention, by page 26 or so something lit, and by page 32 I was moving again.
I went back to yoga 
Yoga for me was something I practiced 1-2x per week for almost a decade. Until I didn’t. It was a sacred space for me to just be with ME. That time in my own body to recognize my strength and find my balance that very much flooded through into the rest of my existence in a positive way. I’ve missed it. This book coming into my life nudged a series of events that encouraged me to wake up, get present, and do the damn work..

Exploring childhood conditioning, how to recognize your deep patterns or (or new pandemic patterns), and how to commit to small, sustainable shifts and actions that cumulatively lead to lasting change and living a life on purpose.

Written by holistic psychologist Dr. Nicole Lepera