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Single Forest Bath Soak

Forest Etiquette

Single Forest Bath Soak


Single size bath soak- the perfect top up to any gift.

A mineral salt soak to celebrate the conifer forests of of Vancouver island. Sustainably harvested spa grade mineral salts (pink Canadian prairie salt, Epsom salt, Himalayan rock salt, and Dead Sea salt) are blended with wildcrafted western red cedar leaf and golden chanterelle powders, and scented with an entirely natural, essential oil blend reminiscent of a pacific north west rainforest.

Run a warm bath and sprinkle the entire contents into the water. Allow to dissolve and then enjoy a long, hot, muscle relaxing soak.

This product contains cedar leaf oil - do not use during pregnancy.

Coloured entirely with natural plant powders - the colour of this product may change or fade over time.

2oz glass jar with cork

Note* Forest Etiquette is apart of our bottle return program. You may return your bottles to Spruce for Reuse!

ingredients: Maris-Sal (course dead sea salt)*, sodium chloride (pink canadian prairie salts* + himalayan rock salt*), Thuja plicata (western red cedar) leaf powder*, Cantharellus formosus (Pacific golden chanterelle) powder*, Urtica dioica (stinging nettle) leaf powder*, Abies balsamea (balsam fir) needle powder*, Tsuga canadensis (Hemlock Spruce) oil, Citrus bergamia (bergamot) oil, Chrysopogon zizanioides (vetiver) oil, Juniperus mexicana (cedarwood) oil, Abies siberica (fir) needle oil, Thuja plicata (Western Red Cedar) leaf oil

*organic / wild harvested / sustainable