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Soothe Facial Mask
Soothe Facial Mask
Soothe Facial Mask


Soothe Facial Mask


Soothe facial mask was formulated to deep clean, soothe, and balance irritated skin. Gentle yet powerful in its properties this mask will promote cellular regeneration & leave you glowing and smooth. 

The slight rose colour (from actual rose petals) actually adds a slight pigmint to fair skin, leaving some with a beautiful after sun feeling.

Lasts months, I often use this mask in varying ways; Allow mask to dry on face within minutes for more of an extracting experience, or put a hot towel over wet face mask to allow active ingredients into skin longer. Additionally add just a touch to your regular face wash for an added exfoliant. Finally, if you've made too much paste, feel free to carry onto your chest and anywhere else on your body you want to add a little extra love,

Smells like roses, and now so do you,

4oz glass container

Small batch made in Victoria BC