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Start Me Up Massage Oil


Start Me Up Massage Oil


It's all in the name with this one...

This luxurious body massage oil has a little extra intention behind it.

From the velvety feels to the arousing scent, you may experience uplifting mood, higher self esteem and increased feelings of desire. Designed to be the perfect recipe for foreplay with subtle and tasteful packaging for your nightstand. 

Our first experience with this product reports that it works quick, and twice ;)

Doubles wonderfully as a full body moisturizer after bathing.

Ingredients and descriptors by Intamo:

Organic Hemp-Seed Oil contains fatty acids that are important for clearing the body of toxic environmental contaminants which contribute to greater sexual health. It is also a natural pain reliever and beneficial to the skin.

Avocado Oil is a nourishing vitamin rich moisturizer that is also a natural anti-inflammatory and helps to retain elasticity in the skin.

Sesame Oil provides a silky feeling to the skin and a subtle warming feeling. It helps to remove environmental toxins from the body, is rich in antioxidants which helps with scaring and skin irritation and offer anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Aphrodisiac Essential Oils like sandalwood, roman chamomile, lavender,  clary sage, lemon and sweet orange were strategically combined to promote increased sexual desire, arousal and pleasure.

Vitamin E Oil has powerful moisturizing and lubricating properties and acts as a natural preservative.

Grapeseed Oil maintains elasticity in the skin, offers a high concentration of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties.

*Start Me Up is not compatible with latex, and should not be used internally, as essential oils should not be mixed with the vagina’s natural flora. Please checkout Smooth Operator & Wild Thing if you are looking for a personal lube.

100ml glass jar with pump spout