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Tallow Balm
Tallow Balm
Tallow Balm

Roots to Wings

Tallow Balm


Tallow makes our skin happy :) 

This tiny-batch, locally made tallow balm is whipped to a creamy consistency and rubs on smoothly. It is the perfect formula for dry irritated skin; sensitive skin; itchy skin; loosing-it’s-elasticity-skin; or healing-from-a-wound-skin. We use it on our face, for flare ups of eczema, and head to toe after the shower on a daily basis. 

Tallow is packed with collagen (a key protein in the suppleness and elasticity of our skin) and it also has a very similar cell structure to our own skin cells! It’s easily absorbed and has the right balance of nutrients that we need. 

Happy Skin: 

1. Start with only a little - it goes a long way! 

2. Take time to massage it in. Tallow balm doesn’t disappear into the skin instantly the same way that lotion does. It is absorbed a little more gradually, and can start out feeling a little oily. If you take time to massage it into your skin the oils will dissipate. Bonus - you will have taken an extra few moments to connect with your skin. 

3. Tallow is best absorbed after a shower when your pores are open.


Ingredients: Tallow, shea butter, castor oil, essential oils of rosemary and lavender, flower essences 

60ml or 235ml glass container 

Handmade, Brentwood Bay